Commercial Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning helps to remove both visible soiling and deep down dirt and allergens from your carpet.

This not only helps to enhance appearance and maintain a clean and professional image, but it also helps to minimise wear, prolong the life of your carpet, improve the cleanliness of your workplace and even improve your indoor air quality.

Ultimately, a regular carpet cleaning regime will keep your workplace looking great, help your carpets last longer and protect the health of your staff!

Drying Time
Once your carpets have been cleaned you will be able to walk on them straight away but they will be slightly damp. It typically takes anywhere from two to eight hours for the carpets to dry fully, with the actual drying time depending on several factors including weather conditions, style and composition of the carpet and degree of soiling.

The importance of using a professional company with quality equipment and experienced technicians cannot be overstated in this regard, as inferior equipment or inexperienced operators may result in over-saturation of the carpet. This can lead to several problems including prolonged drying time and potentially mould growth and structural damage.

Our qualified technicians have extensive experience and training and we use quality equipment to achieve optimum temperatures and greater vacuum power than other machines. This avoids potential problems and ensures that your carpets dry as quickly as possible.

As the customer, you can also help speed the drying process up by encouraging air flow or running air conditioning or dehumidification units.

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